Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Converse Edit

I am slightly obsessed with converse. A bit like how I was with Justin Bieber back in the 2010/2011 days or how my friend is right now with One Direction (she's 17 nearly 18).  

Converse, Converse, Converse.
I literally live in my converse.

It all started about four years ago, when my parents very kindly brought me my first ever pair. They were yellow and are now very dirty as they were used when riding a bike everyday on a paper round. They still fit. They do not really go with anything. I used to love them and were them everyday. In all honestly, I have no idea why I chose yellow when I hate the colour but converse do look nice in them and plus you have always got to have one pair of converse which are a bit out there.
(Sorry about there being no photo, can't exactly find them)

Then we come to christmas 2012, when i got my first pair of white high tops. These were perfectly clean for around 8 months and then I took them to a yard and worn them a few times. Bad mistake. Everyone is like 'converse look good dirty' no they do not. Mine are flithy and they have been through the wash several times and they still are not very clean. However, I still love them and wear them.

When you have to walk across a muddy field to get to sixth form,
converse get disgusting

Jump forward to a year later, Christmas 2013 and I unwrapped much cleaner looking white low converse. They were perfectly white and perfectly perfect and then I walked across a muddy and horrible field/ reck to get to college. Not a smart move Alicia. Anyway, they have been through the wash and have not come up half as clean as the others, but i still wear them. I should probably get a pair of leather ones next time.

October 2014 Office had 30% and these lucky converse became mine. The good thing is they are hardly dirty and they go with most things.

December 2014 and Office had nice and normal converse in the sale. I have wanted a pair of maroon ones now for a while and when I saw these I jumped at them. This was all while my mother was trying to find a pair of boots that she liked.

I hope you have enjoyed my round up of my converse collection.

Love Alicia x

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