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A Collective Haul ft. Topshop, Zara Home, Primark

Hi Guys!

So over the past month or so I have been doing a some shopping. Like I who doesn't do some shopping  but in the past three weeks I have been to Westfield Stratford twice. The first time I went, I went into London first (see post here) and the second was because I had a £15 off gift card for Victorias Secret and I brought a white bra and it went it the wash and it came out grey so the whole point of the second trip was to get a white bra. Did I get another white bra? NO. 

Anyway on to the haul….


First of all I had to get uniform for work and secondly I get staff discount so I haven't spent as much as what it may look like. 

I have been after a pair of ripped jeans for what feels like forever and when I saw these in store I was like 'YES, GIVE THEM TO ME' and I just went for them. The only thing is they are slightly to short even though I went for the long leg in them. So that's the only real problem. Also, what I like about these jeans is that the rip actually looks like a rip instead of some jeans where it looks like they have perfectly cut the rip out, which I don't like. Would defiantly recommend the Blue Vintage Wash Jamie Jeans. 

Then we have another pair of jeans, just this time the Leigh Super Soft Ankle Grazers in a dark blue. I have looked online and couldn't find them but I think they are still available in the west fields store, but not 100% sure. I decided to get the long leg again simply because I am not a huge fan of ankle grazers but they still do only go to my ankles so I am so glad I didn't go for the regular fit. They are really comfortable. I was a bit spectacle about Leigh jeans simply because I have tried them on in the past and I really didn't like them. I do prefer the fit of the Jamie jeans, but nonetheless they are super comfortable  and I do really like wearing them. (See PINK photo)

I am one of them people that if I like something I will go and buy it in different colours. So thats what I did with the Neat Fit Chambray Shirt. I got it in white and in blue, simply because you can never have to many shirts in your wardrobe. These shirts are so comfortable, they are so easy to wear, they come up great after washing, they look good on etc etc etc. Also, even though they are 100x cotton they are not stiff which a lot can be. They are slightly oversized but still really flattering on. Just two perfect shirts.

I was originally going to get a new 'college/sixth form/school' bag from Miss Selfridge, but they didn't have the one I wanted, so when I went to go and get some socks for my Mum I saw this lovely bag. It's not leather but it doesn't bother me. I just needed something that will get me through to June, so the Berners Tote Bag seems like it will do the job. I have been using it now for about two weeks, it fits my books, my notebooks, pencil case, lunch etc in quite well. There are some nice little compartments inside which are great for putting my phone in, sixth form card, keys etc. Can't really fault it at the moment. 

On Friday I was originally going to buy some more boots but they didn't have them (I was actually really disappointed) but then I saw these cute shoes. I had seen them on the website and didn't really know if they were me or not. When I tried them on I did fall a bit in love with them. I think they will go  really nice with summer outfits, when I am on holiday in the evening, and even as a day shoe. I know I will not be able to go to work in them or college. Well for college I finish on the 11th June so it doesn't really matter. Oh by the way they are the BARTON Mid-Heel.

Finally, the most exciting purchase for me if this coat, the Woolly Textured Ovoid Jacket. There is a story to this coat which begins at the end of December. I was going to get it in the Ipswich Topshop in Debenhams but I could use my staff discount card, so I then went to the main Ipswich Topshop and they didn't have it. I was then going to order it online and get it delivered to the Colchester store to refund it so I could get my discount off. Then when I went to westfield for my Mum's birthday they website said it was in stock, however it wasn't. The staff were really good and the women tried looking for it for ages, but they didn't have it. Anyway, then on the Friday off that week it went in the sale, which meant it was cheaper than my discount, so I still ended up getting it from the Topshop in the Ipswich Debenhams.  End of story. I love this coat. It is slightly oversized which I love. Really deep pockets so I can just stuff my phone, earphones, key etc in there when I'm walking to school etc. It is nice and warm and it goes with a lot of my clothes, which I love and oh my god.

The bag is just in the background .. I forget to take a photo of that. 


I am not a huge fan of Primark any more so I don't really go in there but their hangers are really good. Although one of their hangers I brought a while back did snap on me the other day. They are actually for my mum and she just went for the pink ones. 

I also got just a simply white long sleeve top. I was thinking mainly for layering or just for lounging around. For £4 it isn't very thick, it's a good transitional piece that may even come in handy in the summer. I did get it in a size 12 instead of 8 because they had no 8s or 10s and I wanted it on the bigger size. 

Thanks to Primark I have now joined the 'Selfy Stick' group. Well I have one now. I was going to get one from ASOS or Topshop but I didn't want to pay like £15, so for £8 I'm not expecting it to be the best but who knows. 


I never shop in Miss Selfridge, like never. However, because I went in there for the bag that they never had I ended up picking a houndsttooth (is that what its called) dress. It does have a spilt down each side which does start from my bum, so you can't wear it bear legs. It is kinda high neck which I do really like because normally it just looks so unflattering on me. Also, it is quite thick which is good for me as it means when I wear it for work I don't freeze. I normally tend to pair it with black leggings or really thick tights, black boots and a leather jacket. If it is cold outside I do wear my coat with it.


I would show you my pants from what I got in there, but I have worn them so no one wants to see worn pants. I do love their pants. Before I got them in PINK I always got them in Gilly Hicks, I think they had the same offer of 5 for £20 until they shut down. 

The white bra which is no longer white, hence why it looks grey. I love their bras, they are really comfortable and even though they are push up its not like 'hey I'm wearing a push up'. I also got the nude bra as everyone needs a nude bra in their life. 

This is the bra that was supposed to be the same as the white bra. I did see this bra when I originally got the other two bras but I want to 2 for £40 and didn't want to pay £36 for one. As I had the £15 off I was like I am going for this bra. I haven't worn it yet but it looks really nice.

Lastly, I went for this top. I have wanted a PINK top now for a while but I refused to pay like £30 for what is something that is really thin and that I am probably not going to wear outside of the house. I am actually wearing it while I write this post. I got the small thinking that it was for size 8- 10, but I was wrong, its HUGE!!! Saying that I really like that. There was some left in their sale section. It was £11.50 instead of £26 I think which is a lot more up my price range. I also like the fact that it doesn't say 'PINK' at the back in glitter and sequins because I'm not about that, especially if I do end up wearing it for sixth form. 

Top: Pink Jeans: Topshop Leigh jeans 


So when I went in there back at the end of January all their sale had an extra 50% off, so I only spent like £19. I don't believe you can get the jumper or the shirt online as in store they are now both £9.99 each, so the same price I paid for them back in January when they were £20 in the sale. 

I wanted a plain big jumper, something that I could just wear with jeans, be warm in and still look presentable and this jumper really does do the trick.

I also got this shirt which I love. I have another shirt similar which comes up a lot smaller than this one. It is a nice material and is a nice length. Like some shirts just come up to short and don't look right. I have worn this open with a vest top and also with a white cropped jumper. I have worn it done up. It's quite versatile and for only £9 you can't really go wrong. 


I wasn't planning on buying anything in there but my mum is insisting that I start buying stuff for university now instead of all in one go in August and September. The duvet was £7.99 (I think) instead of £39.99 and the pillow case was £1.99, also in the sale. I just wanted a neutral colour so it can go with most things. I don't know if I am going to get much use out of it but who knows. 


Out of all the Youtubers/Bloggers books out I wanted 'The Glam Guide' by Fleur De Force. She is one of my favourites and I was disappointed that she came no where near where I live for her book tour. I really like the book and there are some really good tips in there.

I also have got some bits from Superdrug but they are mainly everyday stuff which is really quite uninteresting so I am not going to bore you with them. 

I hope you enjoyed this collective haul and what stuff have you been buying lately? 

Love Alicia x 
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