Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Little Bit of a Perfume Collection!

Hi Guys!

I thought for todays post I would do a perfume post. I haven't seen many of these around so I thought I would change it up from lipsticks and everything in between. Yes, this is still very much beauty related. 

My Perfumes:

Justin Bieber 'Someday': I love this perfume. I originally brought this back when it came out in August 2011. Ever since then I think I have got it for most christmases and for my birthday. It's just a really simple perfume. It's quite sweet smelling. It certaintly reminds me of the summer. 

What does The Perfume Shop say: 
'Heart notes (Jasmine, Creamy Florals), Top Notes (fruity Mandarin, Pear, Wild Berries), Base Notes (Vanilla, Soft Musk), Feel (Flirty)'

Justin Bieber 'Girlfriend': I have actually run out of this one now but the bottle is still sitting there so I am classing it as one of my perfumes. This isn't my favourite Bieber one, hence why I haven't had loads like Someday. 

What does The Perfume Shop Say: 
'Heart notes (Sparkling Pear, Crisp Mandarin, Rich Blackberry, Mara Strawberry), Top Notes ( Pink Freesia, Star Jasmine, Apricot Nector, Orange Blossom), Base Notes (Vanilla Orchid, Luminous Musk), Scent (Fruity Floral)' 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh:  I got this last year at Gatwick Airport as I have wanted this one for a while. I haven't really worn it that much because I don't want to waste it. For me it just smells like Summer 2013, which is a good thing. I will defiantly be using it more in the summer. 

What does The Perfume Shop Say:
'Heart Notes (Wild Rose, Violet, Apple Blossom), Top Notes (Raspberry, Grapefruit, Pear), Base Notes (Plum, Cedarwood, Musk), Scent (Fruity Floral)'

Justin Bieber 'The Key': By now if you haven't worked it out I tend to get Biebers perfumes for christmas. At the moment this is my go to perfume. I feel that is quite spicy but the description its probably the complete opposite. 

What does The Perfume Shop Say:
' Heart Notes (Pink Jasmine, Water Lily, Peach Nectar), Top Notes (Juicy Mandarin, Crisp Pear, Boysenberry, Sweet Osmanthus Blossoms), Base Notes (Luminous Musks, Precious Woods, Vanilla, Raspberry cream), Scent (Floral Fruity). 

Justin Bieber 'Collectors Edition': I am not as keen on this one but I was brought it for christmas. I haven't really worn it that much, but who knows. 

Giorgio Armani 'Acqua Di Gioia' eau fraiche: I am not sure if you can still get this perfume or note as I have looked online the bottle has changed. I did get this back in 2013 so thats probably the reason. This is probably my favourite perfume. I literally have none left and I am quite upset, so I refuse to put any on. 

Perfume Wishlist:

- Viktor & Rolf 'BonBon': I have tried a tester of this and oh my I am asking for this for my birthday. 
- Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau De Toilette: I just really want to try a 'Miss Dior' perfume as everyone seems to rave about them 
- A Jo Malone perfume: I want to know what all this hype is about!

So there is my perfumes and my perfumes wishlist. I was just wondering what your favourite perfumes are or if you have tried any of of my wish list and if you would recommend them?

Love Alicia x 

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