Sunday, 1 March 2015

What's in my College/ School Bag?

Hi Guys!

I thought I would show you into the world of my school bag. It's not that interesting but I am nosy and love seeing what others have in their bags, so I am going to show you want is in mine. (I was writing this on a Monday)

Jack Wills Make Up Bag:
I have had this bag now for about a year and it is such a good size for just stocking stuff. In there I have some plasters, Cath Kidston hand cream, two nail files, a body shop lip balm, super drug nail polish remover pads, Justin Bieber Girlfriend roll on perfume, Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick (which I was wearing today), a real techniques brush and powder.

Victorias Secret Spray:
I normally change this over so I get a different spray every now and then. 

Jack Wills Pencil Case:
When I brought this case I thought it was going to be small but hell was I wrong. This is such a great bag sized pencil case. I have some black pens, a blue pen, a red pen, a highlighter, pencil, ruler and a random sharpie.

Don't really know what to say about water, its just water. 

Sixth Form Card:
Need that to get into the school sixth form. I look like a twat. 

When I say keys I mean a key, which is my home key with my very old Justin Bieber keyring on it. 

King Lear and A Level History textbook:
I had english and history today, hence why I have a Shakespeare book and history textbook. 

English and history notebook:
The same as the above. 

So that's what is in my school bag. The bag I have is from Topshop and you can see that in my 'Collective Haul'.

So what's in your bag?

Love Alicia x 
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