Sunday, 5 April 2015

An Easter Haul!!!

So recently I have been doing a bit of shopping and I thought that I would share with you some of the bits that I have gathered in the last month or so. 

ASOS has entered my wardrobe once again. However, they had the jeans in the colour I wanted and in my size in the sale for £15. They just had to go in my basket. Now normally in Topshop Jeans I am a long leg, but these are a regular and they fit quite nice, although by the end of the day they are more like ankle grazers.

Also, from ASOS and in the sale were this two pack. Normally they are £16 I think and these bad boys were just £8 and as I have been looking for a plain white tee for ages and not wanting to spend £12 on a Topshop one, this pack just stood out to me. However, they do come up quite big and they are more like a size 12 than a size 8.

You may remember this from my first wish list. I love this top and I am so glad that I decided to get it. The only thing I would say is that I had to wear a bando (however you spell it) top underneath because it is quite low around the side boob area, but that wasn't a problem.

On Good Friday, I visited Aldeburgh with my family and they have the cutest (and smallest) Jack Wills shop. Now I have a slight obsession with this top. I now own it in grey, blue, dusky pink and bright pink. In all fairness they are such lovely tops and they work well in every season, I know this because I brought the grey in Norwich back in February 2014.

Forever 21 just seems to be on point at the moment. My wish list on Pinterest is slowly becoming more full with their items. The first item is tho cute little white crop top. Now this is quite thin but I paid like £8 for it so I wasn't expecting it to be the best quality. However, I am thinking this would look great with the pink pleated linen skirt from ASOS (as seen in my wish list) with some wedges or sandals and a denim jacket for those summer evenings or for when I am on holiday.

Next from Forever 21, is a green top. Yes, I said GREEN. Now I haven't owned anything green for a very long time. Actually, I think I never personally gone out and brought a green top. However, I am slightly in love with this top but I think its because of the fringing because although it comes across as a crop top it no longer isn't a crop top when paired over high waisted jeans or high waisted shorts. The only thing is, is that the sides near your boobs come down quite low so I will defiantly be wearing a
bando top under neath.

Finally from Forever 21 is another white top, however this white top is different from all of my other white tops, its got a crochet thing going on along the bottom. This again is quite thin but I would say that this top out of the three from Forever 21 is the most true to sized. I also find with F21 that I can be an XS one minute and a L the next, so when buying online from me is quite a gamble but I did just go for the Small in all of the tops because online they say a small is a UK size 8-10.

I love Missguided but only really for the summer months and I was just browsing like you do and saw this dress. Now I love this dress. It feels amazing however the length is a big of a problem. I am around 5'8 and I don't want to keep pulling this dress down and becoming paranoid that people are going to see it all. So I am not sure at the moment, I might look online to see what else they have got and probably will return it.

Have a good Easter!!!!! 

Love Alicia x 

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