Monday, 28 September 2015

September Favourites!

When this post goes live I would have had my first official day at university, well that slightly scares me but its 'MONTHLY FAVOURITES' time again.

1. MAC Twig Lipstick
Oh My God! I LOVE this lipstick. It is just the perfect shade for every day wear. It is such a nice formal as well and I can understand why a lot of people do talk about this lipstick. I am so glad I managed to pick it up in the airport a couple of months ago, because I literally haven't stopped wearing it since.

2. Origins GinZing Eye Cream
I actually did an individual post on this product and I have found, after using it for over a month now, it really does work. This eye cream does do the job, hence why its now that only in my morning routine but has also landed its self in this months favourites. If you want to read more on this eye cream then click here.

3. Topshop SHIVER Slipper Shoes
Everyone that knows me, knows that I either wear converse or boots. I really do not do flat slip on shoes and in all honestly I do not the last time I owned a pair. However, after having a bit of a shoe problem in London, I had to pick up a pair of flat shoes so I found this in Topshop and brought them. I don't really know why I don't wear shoes like these more often. They are actually really comfortable and that coming from someone who had blisters on her feet at the time (sorry about the details).

4. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
Yes I know that I am incredibly late to the scene when most of my friends or just people of my age read this book probably about fifteen years ago. However, I have finally started them and I can see the hype behind them. It is one of them books that you can't put down and I honestly can't wait to read the whole series.

5. Justin Bieber 'What Do You Mean?'
So after not releasing any music since Believe in June 2012 and not counting Music Journals in October through to December 2013, Justin has finally release a new song. Now I love Justin anyway and have done since the end of 2009, so it really is no surprise that WDYM has landed in this months favourites. I love the song and it is my jam right now. Also, i'm ugly proud at the fact that he got his first UK number 1! So well done Justin!

Love Alicia x

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