Monday, 5 October 2015

3 Easy Breakfast Ideas

For me I could literally eat cereals all day long, but in reality they really are not that good for you. So over the last month and a half I have been really trying to improve what I eat for breakfast by mixing it up a bit and doing a bit of research. Below are my top 3 go to breakfasts, although one maybe more of a brunch than a breakfast.

Simply Porridge:

Ingredients for 1 person:
  - 50g of porridge oats (4 tablespoons_
  - 200 ml of boiling water
  - 100 ml of Almond Milk

Now that we are approaching the colder weather there really is nothing better than a bowl of hot porridge before the day ahead. Place all the ingredients into a saucepan and let the mixture boil, once boil turn down the heat and let the mixture simmer. Remember to stir. Do this for about 4 to 5 minutes. Serve by its self or add your favourite toppings, I personally like banana and cinnamon.

Smoothie Bowl:

Ingredients for 1 person:
  - a hand full of raspberries
  - a hand full of blueberries
  - half an apple
  - tablespoon of cinnamon

Topping (optional)
   - half a apple
   - banana
   - granola
   - peanut butter

I have always loved smoothies, so the idea of a smoothie bowl is something that suits me right down. This smoothie bowl is for a berry version. I put all the ingredients into a big jug and then using a hand blender, blend the ingredients together. Simple. Then just pour it into a bowl and add whatever toppings you want.

Scrambled Eggs:

Ingredients for 1 Person
 - 1 Egg
 - 4 tablespoons of milk

Now I know most people add in butter or pepper, but I personally believe that you do not need either. If your frying pan or saucepan is non stick then you do not need butter or oil. I simply crack one egg into a bowl and then add the tablespoons of milk and then whisk, before putting them into the frying pan. A tip that I have picked up is that for every egg you add in 4 tablespoons of milk. I tend to cook my eggs of high heat before turning it right down after about 3 minutes. I then serve with granulated toast.

Love Alicia x

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