Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Perfect New Watch from House of Watches!

For me a watch is essential, I wear one on a daily basis especially when I'm at work and during the week for my lectures. I have wanted a new watch to add to my collection now for a long time, when this beautiful Sekonda * watch just happened to come into my life.

When I opened the box my first impressions were 'this watch is beautiful' and I was really surprised by just how well it matches me and my style. I like a watch that is simple, elegant and that isn't chunky and looks ridiculously striped on me. This watch has the characteristics that I want in a watch, as well as something that is easy to wear.

With rose gold detail, which is just to die for, and the prettiest nude pink watch strap, this watch generally does look perfect for everyday wear. In all honestly I adore the rose gold detailing, as in my own opinion it looks very elegant on the wrist. Plus who does not love rose gold! The rose gold detailing is something that made me fall in love with this watch. I don't like sliver detailing on watches, but then again I never really have, so I'm so glad this watch was available in rose gold.

The one thing I was slightly concerned with was the fact that the face of watch was quite big and my wrists are quite small, so I was scared that the watch was going to look horrendous on me. However it really doesn't, although it does take up all my arm. Furthermore, I love how simple and elegant the design is on the face. I love a watch that you can just look at it and read the time, without seeing what the day and the data is and I think on some watches they have the temperature as well, like I do not need that. Whereas on this beautiful Sekonda watch from House of Watches, the simplicity of the white background and rose gold details is simple and easy for anyone to read. However, the one thing I would have liked on the watch was the numbers instead of the lines, but that's a minor negative based on personal preference.

I have always been a fan of Sekonda Watches for a long time now, hence why there is no surprise but how much I love this watch. From the details on the face to the strap it's self. For me the strap is perfect, in the sense that you are covered if you have a small wrist like me. In the past I have had to have new holes put onto the watch strap because otherwise the watch is too big. Whereas on this Sekonda watch I do not have that problem as there are plenty of holes, perfect if you have a smaller wrist. 

Furthermore, this watch looks perfect during the day, yet equally as elegant during the evening.

Overall, I would highly recommend this watch, especially if you are looking for a new everyday watch that you can wear to work and school but it also looks nice if you are going out for the day or maybe going out for a meal. Also, if you love rose gold and pretty pastel colours this watch will suit you down to the ground. 

In the further I will defiantly by adding more Sekonda watches to my slightly small collection. 

You can buy the Seonda Ladies Edition Watch 2013 here!

Have you ever owned a Sekonda watch? 

Love Alicia x

*This watch has been sent to me, but all opinions are mine. 
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