Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hazel & Kent Champagne Earrings

My earrings collection just seems to be getting bigger and bigger as the months go on and on. I love earrings, although I do not tend to wear earrings as much as I probably should do, but I do love and they can change an outfit. So I have decided to inspire myself to wear my earrings more often by buying a few more pairs of earrings for Autumn and winter.

This pair from Hazel & Kent took my eye and I have been loving them, and they have made me want to wear earrings more often. Personally, I don't wear them during the day, but I do like to wear them on evenings out as they just add a little something more to an outfit.

The earrings are in a champagne, rose gold colour, which you may or may not already know that I LOVE this colour for jewellery especially earrings and watches.  That is why I do prefer to wear this earrings at night because otherwise I feel like I look a bit over the the top during the day for 9am lectures with hardly any make up on and looking half dead, but that's another story for another day. However, I have actually worn this earrings for work and I did really enjoy wearing, as they didn't hurt like some earrings do if you wear them all day.

In my collection of earrings, I don't actually own anything that is similar to these lovely Hazel & Kent earrings what so ever, so when the lovely people at Hazel & Kent sent me these earrings I was really happy to add something new and different to my collection. I love the fact that they are a square as well, simply because I get really bored of round earrings, and the cushion effect just adds a little something different.

The one thing that I do really love about this pair of earrings is that they are a really nice size. They are bigger than studs but not too big that they look awful and huge on my ears! Furthermore, I really do love the colour, and I think it complements my hair colour really nicely. I think this is also helped by the cushioning effect as it brings out a shine, so they do not just fade into your ears or into your hair.

Overall, I would defiantly recommend purchasing a pair of earrings from Hazel & Kent

You can purchase the 'Sparkle Champagne Crystal Square Cushion Earrings' here!

Love Alicia x

* The earrings have been sent to me by Hazel & Kent, but all opinions are my own. 

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