Monday, 16 November 2015

30 Blog Post Ideas

Bloggers block? I hate it as well. Trying to think up ideas for new posts and having literally no idea what to write. I actually made this post because I was struggling for ideas. So here are 25 ideas for whether you are a new blogger or just struggling with ideas.

1. Outfits of the Week 
2.  Top five items in your wardrobe 
3. Shoe collection 
4. Style an item from day to Night 
5. My Favourite Store (maybe create a mini look book)

6. Top 10 under 10 
7. Top 5 Drugstore (mascaras, lipsticks, foundations etc)
8. Face of the day 
9. Day to Night makeup using the same makeup 
10. A whole face for under £30 

11. Instagram round up 
12. Room Tour 
13. 25 Facts about me 
14. 10 tips on (Going to university, how to revise, gym, blogging etc)
15. Concert Review 

16. Travel wishlist 
17. Travel Diary 
18. A round up of your favourite places you have been 
19. Top 5 places in your town/city/ country 
20. What's in My Hand Luggage/Suitcase?

21. Monthly Favourites
22. Share a story (Skin, Hair journey, school, work, work experience, from your imagination etc)
23. Bucket List 
24. Your favourite hobby 
25. Favourite Singer/Band/Actress/Actor/Film/TV Show etc 

26. What I ate in a day 
27. How to Make (pancakes, brownies, cupcakes, favourite meal etc)
28. Top guilty pleasures food 
29. Favourite healthy snacks 
30. Review on a restaurant

Love Alicia x

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