Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My First Pandora Ring!

How pretty are Pandora rings? Well, I certainly love them and when the lovely people at The Jewel Hut, sent me this Pandora Silver White Enamel Ring* I was overjoyed at just how pretty it actually was. What I love about Pandora rings is just how simple and elegant they are and this ring is certainly both of them. 

First things first, the packaging that all Pandora items come in is so beautiful and it something that looks really pretty on my shelves (helps to make my university room look a bit more prettier to say the least) and just a nice keep sake. From the pretty pink bow, to the white little Pandora box. 

This pretty silver and white ring fits perfectly into my everyday style and I really enjoy wearing rings, especially when I am not wearing any other accessories, or I am just wearing minimal accessories. In the near future, I will probably purchase a few more Pandora rings from The Jewel Hut, so I can create a stacking effect. 

As this was my first ring from Pandora, I decided to use the online size guide on The Jewel Hut website. I found that this was quite straightforward and I ended up getting the right size, although the ring is slightly too big for one of my figures and slightly too small for another one of my fingers. However, I really like wearing this ring on my finger that is between my little finger and my middle figure. I do not know why this is, I just always feel more comfortable with wearing rings on that finger.

Now on to the ring!

The main part of the ring is silver, with oval shapes around the outside that are white. This reminds me sort of like snow, I do not know why, but perhaps it is because snow is round and white.  I do really like this effect and what also helps the ring is that it is quite small, so it doesn’t stand out like ‘hey I am wearing a ring’ but at the same time isn’t too small that there is no point in it being there.

I will defiantly be buying more Pandora rings in the future from The Jewel Hut. I can also see myself getting a lot of use out of the ring throughout the winter months as a simple accessory to add a little something extra to my outfits.

I am also planning to do a winter accessory look using this Pandora ring and a few other accessories that I have also picked up for autumn and winter.

Have you ever bought anything from The Jewel Hut, or own any Pandora Rings?

Love Alicia x 

*This ring was sent to my from The Jewel Hut, but all opinions and photos are my own. 
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