Friday, 29 January 2016

University Chat

The SU put up this thing where people wrote on during freshers fortnight 

When Uni gives your free money for taking a survey 

Making crumbles with oats and honey and loads of frozen fruit to make the kitchen smell all nice
Still on the door now

lifesaver, I repeat lifesaver

Blurry and dark photo from a day in freshers week.

I have been trying to write this post now for the last hour and a bit and nothing seems to be going quite right with it. Originally, I wanted to do a post about '5 things they don't tell you about living at University' and then I kinda had the idea of 'tips for saving at university'. The latter has resulted in about 5 different posts written in the last two months but nothing worked and I wasn't happy with where it was going. So now I have just decided to do a 'university chat', so basically a bit like my mini mid year university experience almost. 

So here goes and lets see if I can actually get through this post without rewriting it a million times. 

I personally feel that everything happens for a reason, hence why I went through clearing and instead of reading Economics (something that I wanted to do since I was about 13), I ended up reading International Relations. The only thing is people constantly ask me (hi family members and random family friends who I have no idea who you are but you know my parents) what actually is International Relations? Okay, so I am basically doing Politics. I am in the government department and studying a subject that this time last year I never knew I was actually going to do, but somehow I am really enjoying it. Well, except for one module which happens to only be a core module for IR students, which kinda sucks because I couldn't care less about research designs and Kuhn (you will no if you happen to be doing a degree similar), I much prefer looking at institutions and conflict and cooperation, but hey ho you can't have everything your own way. However, I did manage to get a first in that module so something must have gone in somewhere, mixed with a bit of bullshit in that assignment. 

Okay enough about the course, now lets look at the social element, because the first year doesn't count right? Okay I have to get over 55% to do the year abroad (please let me go to America or Canada please!). On that note, I was thinking the other day about what my £9000 a year goes on considering I only have 8 hours of lectures a week, including classes. Oh and I basically finish on March 18th, with an exam in May. When looking at it that way uni is expensive, but you never really see that £9K a year in the first place. 

Social life, yes that was what I was about to get on to. Social life can be great. I feel personally lucky as my flat and the flat across all socialise (except for about 3 of them) and some people from the flat below as well. Yes, I admit I don't socialise everynight. I like my own space and sometimes I just like to be by myself and have a bit of me time. However, there is something unique about a student night out and every uni has that one night a week that everyone goes crazy about. At mine it is all about FED and the whole of Yik Yak goes crazy on a Wednesday. FED is actually the night when all the sports clubs come out, but really most people just go even if they aren't part of society. If you drink enough its a really good night. Also, if you drink enough you don't notice the cold when walking home. Yes I know that is technically bad, but you are only a student once. 

Oh and if you live in halls you will probably get used to smell of drugs, I would put the name but you can probably guess what I am referring to. The worse part is when it somehow manages to get in your room and it sticks and the smell of it makes me feel sick. That is one thing that I am not going to miss about uni accommodation next year. But enough of that. 

University so far can be one of the best times of your life. The one thing that I wished I had done was join more societies. Yes I joined dance, but I stopped going to that in November when there was a clique of people who thought they were the best dancers in the world. I signed up for the politics society but have yet to have gone to one meeting. Maybe I will go next week. I wish I had joined Netball or maybe volleyball. That is definitely one thing I am going to change in my second year, to go out of my comfort zone and actually go to the try outs. Oh I did also join pole dancing with the girls in my flat, I have gone most weeks but I have kinda stopped going now, but I will go back. The is also the first time I have talked about pole dancing because of the image around it, but it is actually really good fun, although I need to improve on my abs so I can actually climb up the pole higher, but thats for another story. 

The good thing so far is that I am yet to go into my overdraft, but seeing £2.32 in my student account for about a month was awful, but student loan day is the best. Then as soon as it enters, if goes on the accommodation, however I am planning on the saving the rest of it. I suppose being broke is about of the student life, so I just embrace it. 

I feel like this is a very lengthy post, so I am going to end it here. The first couple of months at uni have been interesting, weird, nerve wreaking and some of the best moments of life and I can't wait for  the rest of uni. 

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