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What I Have Been Loving in 2015!

Hi Guys!

I was going to do a 2015 Favourites but I wanted to do something a little bit different this year, and instead do a post on everything that I have been loving this year that are not necessary favourites but just stuff that I have really liked in 2015.

I feel like this is a good place to start with what I have been loving. This year I have loved Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. Admittedly I only have two but I just love them, from the bullet to the to the way they look on your lips. At the moment I have 'Bond Girl' and 'Amazing Grace'. You can see more pictures of both lipsticks here and here!
Until about a year and a half ago I would simply not wear eyeshadow, I don't know what it was about it, but I just never wore it. However, this year if I am wearing make up, I am wearing eyeshadow. I think that main reason for this is due to Urban Decay. I love their naked palettes, and you can just work with them whether you are doing a day very natural look or a dramatic night look.
Eyeliner. Okay not a favourite of mine. I hate doing eyeliner and until about a month or two ago I would refuse to wear eyeliner. However since discovering  Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner, I have fallen back in love with eyeliner. Yes, I don't wear it every day, but I have become more likely to wear eyeliner now.
I really could not do this post without mentioning MAC. This year I have been wearing MAC lipsticks basically everyday. My favourites this year are Twig and Brave. I actually got Brave in 2014 but since I have been loving it so much this year I just had to include it.
While we are talking about lipsticks I have to talk about L'oreal lipsticks. I love the fact that they are not drying on the lips and also last quite a long time. The only issue I do have with them, is that they do tend to bleed which isn't a good look 3 hours into a shift at work when you are working 4 hours without a break.

2015 has been the year where I have decided to finally really take care in my skin. As a person who still gets spots and suffers from some redness, I have tried a lot of stuff this year. I have to admit that The Body Shop Tea Tree range has been right up there this year with some of my favourite skin care. The overnight lotion has been probably one of the things that I have loved the most this year, as it really does reduce the appearance of spots and gets rid of them within three days.
This year I also jumped on the bandwagon of the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish, and I have to admit I can see why everyone loves this stuff. If you want to read more about this product check out my October Favourites 2015!
Masks, Masks, Masks! 2015 has been the year where I have tried out a lot of masks. Some work and some do nothing except break me out. So the two I do really love is the Lush Mask of Magnanimity (check out November Favourites!) and Elemis. Both actually help my skin and I do see an improvement, which of course what I want to see.

Soap & Glory. I am a massive fan of Soap & Glory, and honestly all their shower gels and body lotions, and foot cream, are truly amazing. Heel Genius has been a life saver, especially when my feet just feel really dry or you have been out all day and your feet just need some love. The body lotions helped my sunburn when I was in Italy so much.

Music, Film and TV
Justin Bieber. Well of course Justin would appear on this list. I have been a belieber since the end of 2009, and even if he hadn't had made new music and released it this year, he would still be here. My favourite songs from Purpose are: Company, Sorry, Love Yourself, Mark My Words. Okay what am I saying I love them all.
The Riot Club. OMG I just love this film. And thats all I have to say about it. Just watch it.
Downton Abbey is one of my all time favourite shows ever and I was so sad when it ended. I also watched all 6 series this year and I honestly love every episode.
Another TV programme that I binged watched this year was Gossip Girl, which has made me want to go to New York so much more. Like I could fangirl about this programme but that would be a whole post, so I am just going to stop here.

I could honestly write so much more about more things that I loved this year but we could be here all day, so I am just going to list some more things that I have been loving in 2015.

  • Prison Break
  • Venice 
  • Capital FM Summer Time Ball 
  • University Freshers Week 
  • University so far 
  • Snapchat 
  • Timehop 
  • Green Tea 
  • iPhone 6s 
  • One Direction 'History' 
  • 5 Seconds of Summer Album 
  • Ellie Goulding Love Me Like You Do. 

Love Alicia x

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