Friday, 19 February 2016

Chloe Love Story

A little over six months ago, when I was waiting in Gatwick Airport for my flight to Italy with my parents, I was just wondering around duty free when I feel in love with the smell of Chloe Love Story. However, I didn't get it. The same thing happened when I was in Italy, a small perfume and beauty shop had the same perfume, (but was do much cheaper than here in the UK) and still didn't get it. My parents remember that I really like the smell of the perfume, well actually I threw in some helpful reminders, and they brought me the gift set for christmas. 

The perfume is quite strong, but I am useless at describing the scents of perfumes so here is what Boots described it as:
'Love Story is the marriage of luminous and sensual orange blossom with stephanotis jasmine, the flower of happiness. A sexy, clean floral fragrance. Love Story is a memorable fragrance with true personality.'

At the moment this is one of my go to scents. I actually prefer to wear it during the day rather in the evening but I just feel that it is such a lovely perfume that you can honestly wear it at any time of the day.

Plus, this perfume looks so gorgeous on my shelves at university, it is just so pleasing to look at.

You can buy Love Story from Boots, The Perfume Shop and Debenhams.

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