Friday, 26 February 2016

Life Lately


January saw me tick of one of my goals from my 2016 wishlist, which was to update/ change my blog theme. This isn't something that I made big thing about, I just changed it one night and ever since then really trying hard to improve the content and the feel of my blog. I also went back to university and actually started using the library as I refused to pay over £60 for a book. However, I have now ended up buying the book, but I do plan to re sell it at a later date. 

One of my favourite meals out was at Hudson in Colchester to celebrate one of my flat mates birthday, there was 11 of us and the only ones in there but we created some atmosphere.

Also in January for my Mums and Dads birthday's (yes one is the 25th January and the other 27th January) we all went up to London. We had a really lovely meal at Maxwells in Covent Garden before seeing Miss Saigon at the Theatre. I would highly recommend seeing this musically, especially if you prefer shows with singing and music throughout. Before seeing the show we also stopped off at Charlotte Tilbury, Mac and Foyles, before having a wonder around Soho and China Town.

February has kinda been a month of nothing much really. It has been the month of loads of deadlines, tests and one presentation. As well as frosty mornings and receiving my first every Birchbox.

Over the last two months I have been loving a few things. The first thing that I have been using every single day (well the days I was my hair) is the .... Now it is not a heat protector and it smells kinda weird, but it has made the ends of my hair a lot less dry and given my hair more of a shine. Something else that I have been loving is the Real Techniques makeup sponge, and I finally get the hype over why people love makeup sponges so much. My foundation lasts so much longer and doesn't look cakey at all, which is a huge positive.

Love Alicia x 

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