Sunday, 3 April 2016

March Favourites

So we are already three months into the year and I am yet to do a monthly favourites post, considering last year I did a monthly favourites nearly every month. This month I have been loving quite a few things that are not all beauty related, because like I mentioned in my 'March in Instagram Photos' post on Monday, March has been kinda busy.

Since around the middle of February I have really trued to up my fitness game, and as someone who doesn't go to the gym, youtube videos are something that I have been really loving. The first channel that I have to mention is Lucy Wyndham-Read, who has some really great 5 to 10 minute HIIT workouts. My favourites are 'HIIT that muffin top', 'HIIT workout (5 minutes) that you can do anywhere' and 'HIIT 2016 workout'. The thing that I love about these workouts are that you can basically do them anywhere, they are quick and you want to repeat them a few times. I also love the calorie crushing workout, especially after a warm up straight thing in the morning, as it gets your heart rate up and I actually feel good after doing it.
Continuing on the theme of fitness videos is the channel Blogilates, which many of you might have heard of. I personally prefer this channel for toning, because although the videos are challenging they are so much fun and the video encourages you to continue even when it hurts and you just want to stop. My favourites are 'Happy Hard Core Abs', '3 minute lower abs', all the 'turbo' series workouts and '5 minute lean legs'. Yes, they will kill you but I have seen a difference and I do enjoy doing them.
In terms of beauty and fashion, Fashion Mumblr and Hannah Gale are two youtubers that I have loved watching this month. Both of them do deserve a lot more viewers and subscribers that they actually have.


This year I haven't really brought anything new, I have repurchased a few things but I am  really trying to save this year. However, one palette that I only brought just over a week ago has already become a favourite, and that is the Zoeva En Taupe palette. First off I love the colours in the palette and there are some really lovely colours in there that will be great in the spring and the summer. I have just been using it to create everyday looks so far and haven't really played with it that much but so far it has been a palette that I have been reaching for. Continuing with the theme of eyes, I have also been loving the Fleur De Force eyelash range. Now I am someone who doesn't really wear fake eyelashes unless I am going out out, and even then I don't like wearing eyelashes that are over the top. I really like the Fleur De Force range because they don't look like you are actually wearing fake eyelashes, but at the same time just make your eyelashes stand out.

I probably haven't faked tanned in amount two or so years, but I had a wedding to go to and my legs were really white so I though I would give the Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk ago, after reading quite a few reviews and noticing that it was on offer in Superdrug (which is always a bonus). I am so impressed with this product. It gives me a natural glow, but you do need to exfoliate first as it just helps the tan from striking etc. 

This months song favourite has to be 'Cake by the Ocean' by DNCE, it is just so catchy and I can literally listen to this song on repeat all day. Also, throughout March I have loved 'The Night Manager' which was on BBC and oh my it was so amazing, like if you haven't watched the series go on player or Sky catch up and watch it. There is only about 6 episodes but I could easily just watch all episodes one after another and plus Tom Hiddleston is just babe.

Love Alicia x
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