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I really want my second part of 'My Go To Lipsticks' to be different, and show a different range of brands compared to the first part, but in reality I am still loving MAC and L'oreal Lipsticks. However, L'oreal has yet to make it into my top 3, in terms of go-to lipsticks over the last couple of months. I decided that the time frame for this post was going to be three months because I really don't change my lipsticks up as much as I actually think, but now I am just rambling and need to get to the point of this post. Enjoy!

You already now about this one if, 
You read my May Favourites and saw my raving about my favourite MAC lipsticks at this point in time, but if you haven't go and check it out here! (Shameless plug) So yes, you may have guessed that it is MAC Mehr. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about this lipsticks as you have probably heard about this lipsticks about 100 times on my blog, (well actually about three times before, but who is counting) and the photos seem to do it justice.

Next up is one from NYX,
And its one of their Soft Matte Lip Creams in Milan. Now I haven't been a massive fan of this one, because of how quickly it does fade and just go to nothing as soon as you drink or eat anything. However, if you apply it about two to three hours before you eat or drink it does actually last in terms of staying on your lips. I don't really mind that I do have to reapply this lip cream quite a few times throughout the day, because I am loving the colour and makes me feel all summary and like I am on holiday somewhere exotic. The only think I would say is that it is a lot pinker on the lips, than what it looks like in the tube, but luckily I like the colour. 

I thought I would keep it to three. 
The third and finally lipstick that I have been loving and been a complete go to is Charlotte Tilbury 'Amazing Grace'. I really don't need to say much, because if you already own a CT lipstick then you know how amazing they are. I just love her lipsticks, and I really want to glow my collection from 2. Hey mother if you are reading this, my birthday is in a month *hint* *hint*. I did do a post of this gorgeous lipstick, which you can check out here!

Love Alicia x
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